Dedicating my life to making the lives of seniors, gracious!

My Story

The Story Forward:

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work with some of the most gracious seniors who have led a glorious accomplished life, so I am eager to shed a spotlight again on their tells and tales. I would describe myself as a being who has made it his sacred mantra to bring smiles to wrinkled faces. With a relentless make to bring a positive impact in the ‘Grey’ world, I am proudly working to bring a balance between the retirement age and the learning age. Grey Shades is an intent to value our elderly with giving, goodness, and grace!

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For the community, with the community

My journey began after witnessing the struggles faced by seniors during their golden years. Determined to make a difference, I founded Grey Shades to enrich the lives of senior citizens after their retirement. Under the span of a few years, Grey Shades has grown into a reputable institution, providing a platform to seniors for intellectual engagement. We, at Grey Shades, acknowledge the gracious lives of the elderly, their warmth of giving, and their larger-than-life experiences, to be carried on for learning, contributing, and giving back to the community. Therefore, we say, it is for the seniors and by the seniors!

From Strength to Strength!

Trying to find the possibilities to make the elderly lives better after retirement or in old age, I built my own skill set, learned along the way, had conversations with 143 senior citizens, and collaborated at the mass level to take this vision ahead with this thought, I decided to study further, and in the meantime, I registered Grey Shades as a Public Charitable Trust in 2017, so when I come back home after completing my education, I can resume working towards my aspiration. I kept walking towards my mission and was spiritually connected on a rooted level, with big and small initiatives to enhance my skills, connect with resources, and build networks that could allow our elderly to defy the age barrier and I could just be there to support them entirely, in my whole capacity.

Do good deeds like a river, it will carry hope.

A wholesome fellowship program.

Understanding the importance of purpose and engagement in later life, at Grey Shades we developed a well-curated, experiential 100-Day Wellbeing & Age Leadership Program for Senior Citizens. Building meaningful connections fosters a sense of belonging and provides opportunities for the elderly to work towards community and give back to society. Our 100 days Fellowship Program is all about the elderly imparting goodness and grace to their peers and young people.

Whether you're a senior citizen or seeking to connect some friend or family member, explore the link below and become a part of the Grey Shades Fellowship Program.


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