Tomatoes on the Table!

These days tomatoes are expensive because they are unfolding valuable lessons

L et me introduce you to Mata, a wonderful lady who cooks food for us with so much love. She's 60 years old and has been through some tough times in her life.

Recently, she tragically lost her young daughter, and about a year and a half ago, her husband passed away too. It's hard to imagine the pain she must have endured, and we can't really know how one copes with such tragic losses.

Yet, despite her grief, Mata chooses to keep herself busy. For her, cooking is not just any ordinary job. It's a way to find meaning and joy in life, to pick herself up each day, all on her own. She cooks for us not just as a duty but as a heartfelt service, always making sure we enjoy her food and thinking of ways to make the next meal even better.

One Morning, I asked her to prepare Chole Chawal for dinner, fully aware that we were out of tomatoes. Fearing her saying

"tamatar ta hege nhi, cholle ki boune"

I got it before she arrives.

But when she arrived for evening work, I was touched to find that she had brought two tomatoes with her, costing 10 rupees each. She made sure our dinner would be as delicious as we expected. That act of kindness really amazed me and reminded me of the incredible power each individual holds.

You see, Mata is a true giver, and it's not just about tomatoes. She dreams of bringing more things to our kitchen to enhance her cooking service, but she feels limited by her financial situation. Nevertheless, her generosity and willingness to give from her heart are truly remarkable.

This touching tomato incident made me realize something important: every senior, like Mata, has the capacity to be a gracious giver, a person of remarkable kindness. Across generations, our elders bring so much value to our lives. They shape and guide us in ways both big and small, leaving an immeasurable impact on our world. Let's take a moment to appreciate the goodness bestowed upon us by our seniors. They selflessly contribute to our lives, and it's up to us to recognize and cherish their acts of kindness. Just like how water always flows downwards, their love and care flow to the next generations, enriching our society and making the world a better place.

So, let's all remember to see and appreciate the graciousness of our seniors, the love they share, and the wisdom they impart. We are blessed to have them in our lives, and through their selfless actions, they shape a brighter future for us all. Let's celebrate and cherish the goodness they bring, and let it inspire us to be kind, giving, and connected with each other.

After all, we are all part of this beautiful Tomato Story of life!

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