Humble beginnings:

"My journey started in a village named “Chabhal, District Tarn Taran”. After elementary education in a rural area, my family moved to the city of Amritsar and I completed my graduation in Social Science from Guru Nanak Dev University. Being the youngest in a conservative middle-class family, I was blessed to get a very supportive atmosphere.”

The vision of Grey Shades was envisioned when I visited an Old Age Home in Punjab, India. I was surprised and much to my shock to witness the living conditions of senior citizens. They were isolated and abandoned by their family members and were sent to live in this old age home. While their basic needs were fulfilled, they carried a lot of unresolved emotional tension. After visiting the once, I kept visiting it persistently, wanting to do something for the seniors living in that old age home. I started spending time with the senior citizens and engaging with them through gardening, creating a space to do something meaningful.

With all the restlessness and desire to take action, I created a survey form and tried to gather as much information as possible, engaging 143 senior citizens based out of 9 old age homes in Amritsar. Trying to find the possibilities to make their lives better after retirement or in old age, I built my own skill set to take this work ahead. With this thought, I decided to study further and in the meantime, I registered Grey Shades as an organization, so when I come back home after completing my education- I can resume working towards my aspiration.

“Despite my parent’s lack of understanding of the social sector and how one can make a living out of doing social work, paired with their concern for me to be able to earn enough to have a healthy lifestyle and raise and family of my own, they have been supportive of my dreams and passion to work for the elderly in the community”

I achieved a scholarship to study at Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) and pursued PGP program in Development Management & Leadership. During the program, I kept thinking about senior citizens and my aspiration to build an organization to serve a million elders.

After the course at ISDM, I dedicated my life to fully engaging in providing a platform to elders, bringing joy, a sense of community and belonging to people with meaningful and productive engagement after their retirement and in old age.

I strongly believe, I am the just the medium- to offer ‘the way of being’ to senior citizens, assisting them to navigate the complexities of life after retirement.

Through Grey Shades, we are ensuring that every senior citizen, regardless of their age, has access to the resources- to continue their learning even after retirement. I actively work to bridge gaps and eliminate disparities, promoting a more inclusive society for senior citizens. We celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of our seniors, highlighting their achievements and positive impact on the community. By recognizing their efforts, defying age-barriers, we hope to uphold a sense of belonging and create a culture of appreciation for our elderly.

Trying to find the possibilities to make the elderly lives better after retirement or in old age, I kept walking towards my mission and was throughout spiritually connected on a rooted level, with big and small initiatives to enhance my skills, connected with resources and built networks that could allow our elderly to bring a positive change in our community- and I can just be there to support them, entirely, in my whole capacity.

We have made this haven, we call it ‘Grey Shades’ and I wish to continue doing so, connecting with the lives of senior citizens. Grey Shades is a way of being for senior citizens seeking a fulfilling and joyful life after retirement.

Fulfilment, Goodness and Grace- this is what describes my work- The Grey Shades.

Taking this vision forward and graciously working for the elderly, spreading goodness, I want to impact 10 million Senior Citizens in my lifetime. I strongly believe in the saying, ‘building the ship while sailing’ and I don’t doubt that one day I will achieve it.


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